Do you want to improve the organization of your company? 🤔 

Thanks to the software available today, achieving an optimal organization of your business is not such a complicated task to do.  

You just need to have the right tools 😉. 

Currently, there are efficient systems such as CRM that can help your business improve relationships with customers and among the work team, thanks to the order that this tool provides to work processes.  

Do you know what a CRM is? 👀 

No? Don’t worry! 🙌 

Fortunately for you, Leadgogo is by your side to explain everything you need to know about CRM, so you can enjoy all the advantages it can bring to your company.  

You have a lot to learn, young padawan… 👻 

What is a CRM?  

Customer Relationship Management, known by its acronym CRM, is a system used mainly by startups, but also implemented in large companies. 

The CRM is responsible for storing information about current and potential customers your company may have with data such as names, phone numbers and contact status

But beyond creating an efficient contact list, this software gathers all the valuable information that helps your company better understand your customers’ needs. 

This platform allows you to manage customer-related operations in an efficient and organized way, as it is mostly focused on customer satisfaction.  

How does it achieve this? 🤔 

Well, the CRM distributes contacts following an order, allowing you to tag them according to their status in the buying process.  

Is your customer interested in your product? 👀 Or is he already a few decisions away from completing the purchase? 💲 Did the lead become a customer? 🤝 

You will be able to record all this in the following way:  

CRM lead classification

In addition, once you have secured your customers, you will need to have a good organization with your commitments to achieve their loyalty.  

The CRM will allow you to schedule and organize meetings 👥, and add tasks 📝 to customers and your team, permitting you to have more comprehensive management of all commitments. 

crm tasks organization

(✨We will go deeper into these features later✨). 

This software allows the analysis and management of your company but plays a key role when it comes to customer relations.  

A good balance between your lead information and the right task management translates into a better way to perform a follow-up 👋, increasing customer loyalty and boosting your service.  

Getting to know this tool in-depth and testing how it can improve your business will be a crucial point.  

To put into perspective how beneficial this service will be in your company, we talk to you below about the advantages you will find in Leadgogo’s CRM.  

Yes, your trusted technology provider also has this important tool. Learn about its benefits here 🙌. 

Benefits of Leadgogo CRM 

These are the direct advantages you will receive with our tool. 🎉It will be a big change for your business!🎉

Organize your commitments better 

As we mentioned before, CRM has a leading role in the organization of your business.  

By implementing it in your work routines, you will have access to schedule your meetings with customers and team members.  

crm schedule meetings

Having your appointments at hand increases your productivity within the business, improving your relationship with clients and agents.  

You will no longer have to deal with last-minute meetings that you have forgotten. You will have everything at hand in an organized system 📲.  

You’d be surprised what a difference it makes to see all your to-dos in one order whenever you need them.  

Ready to stop forgetting commitments? 

advantages of using a customer relationship management system

Keep track of unfinished tasks 

It’s normal to forget pending assignments, but doing so can cost you credibility and even the loss of potential customers.  

Forgetting to send information to a lead or failing to give important data to a member of your team can create conflicts in your business.  

Leadgogo CRM gives you the option to record tasks that can be easily assigned to leads, customers and agents in the company. 📋 

CRM record tasks

You’ll be completely done with misplaced tasks, everything will be in sight 📲 on your work dashboard, avoiding problems and boosting your performance to the maximum.  

No more tasks left in oblivion, it’s time to take advantage of every opportunity your business has. 🙌 

advantages of using a customer relationship management system

Keep your customer contacts in order 

One of the most special features of our CRM (not to brag 💅), is the way it allows you to categorize all your contacts.  

This feature will give you three selection ranges to catalog them. 

  • Lead 👀
  • Opportunity 💲 
  • Customer 🤝 

By having an order of the state in which your contacts are, you will have the advantage to convert them into a customer through good attention based on previous interactions. 

In addition, once this contact is in your database, it will be much easier to contact them and follow up 👋 on their purchase.  

Good attention and optimal service will make the difference, resulting in the much-desired customer loyalty 💁. 

Undoubtedly, a simple way to increase your sales using a single tool.

customer relationship management system

Registration of your leads and customers  

Leadgogo CRM will also help you store all the means of contact that the lead or customer has, thus facilitating communication 📞 and interaction 📲 with them.  

Besides, you can use this database to: 

  • Promote new services you have available in the future
  • Give updates on your services 
  • Notification of updates of past services or products  

This will be useful mainly for those leads that perhaps did not find the service they needed at a given time. Now with the opportunity to contact them, you can promote new products that can meet their needs.  

And, of course, it will be key to let your long-time customers see how your company keeps renewing itself and working on new solutions for those who trusted your services. 🙌 

Not only will you be increasing the chances of acquiring new clients, but it will boost your business image. 🚀

don't forget meetings with your customers

Now that you know more about the benefits of Leadgogo’s CRM, it’s time to solve the most important question… 

Does my company need a CRM? 🤔 

It’s normal to come up with this question when implementing new tools like this one. But you don’t have to worry, Leadgogo accompanies you to take the first step.  

To get started, you just need to identify if your business has any of these characteristics that we present below: 

  • Are there failures in customer service?  
  • Have you lost potential customers? 
  • Customer data is often unavailable, which prevents you from making quick decisions?
  • Lead and customer information is not easily accessible to all team members?
  • Have you forgotten important meetings and commitments? 
  • Do you frequently forget to send information to prospects and regular customers? 
  • Can’t give a proper follow-up due to lack of lead categorization?  
  • You don’t have a database to promote your services and products? 
  • Is it difficult to keep track of your team members’ tasks? 

Have you identified with any of these options? 👀 

Many companies have these problems, so you are not alone. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve all these inconveniences by putting technology on your side.  

Leadgogo will give you a hand throughout the process and help you get the most out of this tool.  

Impatient to improve the organization of your company?  

Enjoy a ✨demo✨ of our CRM!  

See for yourself how easy it will be to enjoy the benefits of our CRM. With our user-friendly interface and our team ready to guide you, you’ll quickly know if this is the right tool for you.  

Increase your sales by having an optimal order of relevant data and information.  

It will be a small step for you, but a big step for your business. 🙆 

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organize your business with a customer relationship management system