Are you looking to increase your company’s revenue? 🤑 

To achieve this, identifying errors in your strategy will be the first step🔎. And we are not only talking about marketing strategies, but we also refer to the performance of your employees.  

The increase in the prosperity of your business goes hand in hand with a good plan 🤝, but more than that, everything is defined in the correct execution of it.  

 But, how do you know if your strategies are working? 🤔  

Very simple, you must have the proper data 📊. 

Luckily for you, technology is on your side to provide you with a tool that will help with this. Leadgogo’s Reports feature has arrived to save your day by giving you the information you need 📑.  

Join us to get to know this tool. It will set a precedent in your business 🙌.  

Let’s surf this wave together! 🏄 

What is Reports?  

This tool allows you to immediately and accurately visualize information about your business strategies.  

Yes, we are talking about marketing data 📊, but even more importantly, Reports give you access to specific data on the performance of each agent 👥.  

In addition, you will have statistics such as the most profitable days and hours within your business, among others. All this information combined will permit you to take the proper steps for a successful strategy 🚀.  

Measure every last detail with Reports

Do you want to know which of your agents is performing better? 👀 Or are you more interested in knowing which marketing campaign has the best results? 📈  

This, and much more, will provide you with ✨Leadgogo’s Reports tool✨.  

Benefits of Reports  

Let’s learn more about how it will impact your business by diving into the benefits 🙌. 

Enables productivity tracking  

As we mentioned before, one of the main functions of Reports is to give you the necessary data to know how your team’s productivity is doing.  

With this tool, you are going to have at hand statistics on: 

  • 📞 Who answers your business calls
  • 📲 How many calls are answered
  • 🔕 Which calls are not being answered

You will be able to see these characteristics specified by each agent of your company. What does this mean? 🤔 

With statistics, you can compare which of your team is performing better and which is underperforming.  

Use Reports and measure every last detail

Reports filters give you access to specific dates 📅 and hours ⏰, plus, it also allows you to monitor how many hours each agent uses to close sales 👤.  

Identifying your team’s performance is essential to your company’s growth, and the best way to do this is to have accurate information.  

Marketing metrics with Reports

Provides you with campaign data

Of course, we can’t leave the statistics of your campaigns aside, since these also form a primordial part of your business growth.  

Through Reports, you will have a complete view of the number of calls 📞 and interactions you receive from your marketing campaigns on Facebook 📲 or by other contact channels such as email 📧 and text messages 📩.  

Reports to measure your team's performance

Knowing which of your campaigns has a better reception will allow you to invest your time ⏰ and budget 💲 better on future occasions.  

You will not lose sight of any interactions obtained from these since Reports will record them all from their origin, providing you with precise and valuable data that your business can use for its growth.  


Cost reduction 

One of the results of managing such specific information about your agents’ performance and marketing campaigns will be, cost reduction 💲.  

But, related to this, you will also have available statistics such as which days are busier than others 📅 and which hours require more attention from your agents 🙋.  

What does this translate to? 🤔  

To a better investment of your business’s time ⏰ and budget 🤑.  

Marketing campaigns

This information will give you a clearer map to efficiently organize your agents’ working hours and days, as you will know which days need more attention and which hours are more active among your target customers.  

You will be surprised how having this kind of data will positively change your business 👀.

Leadgogo Reports marketing campaigns

Identify problems with your strategy.  

Having such a wide range of statistics on the performance of your business will be vital in identifying the problems your strategies may be having 📉.  

Maybe the focus of your agents is not the right one, or your campaigns are not making enough impact; also, the peak hours and days of work are not being covered.  

There can be many reasons that are affecting your strategies, and the only way to know will be to have accurate information about the statistics 📌 of your business.  

Not having this data will not only jeopardize your company’s growth, but in the long run, it will translate to bad investments 👎 and frustrations 😕 within the work team.  

Why go through this if you can nip it in the bud with Reports 🕺. 


Now that you know this tool better, it’s time for you to answer the most important question…👀 

Does my company need the Reports service?  

Without a doubt, every business should have any tool or method that helps them clearly understand how all their strategies perform.  

If your business does not have a system that permits you to visualize your agents’ performance and campaigns, you should not wait any longer to implement it.  

This will be the only way to eliminate a large percentage of the mistakes that affect your business. In addition, the statistics this tool can provide will allow you to invest your budget and time more efficiently.  

The goal of every company is its prosperity 💲, but without good management of the work results, very little can be done to achieve the growth you are looking for 😕.  

So, if you need a hand with your business statistics and want data to confirm what’s going right and what’s not, you would benefit significantly from ✨Reports✨.  

Detailed information 📑 + well-designed strategies 🙌 = 


So… Ready to give your business a boost? 🤸 

Test our 🎉Reports tool by Leadgogo🎉 now. We have a free demo available!  

Find out if this is the tool you’ve been looking for and take a look at our other services 👀.  

Our goal is to simplify your business processes by facilitating the use of technology 😉.  

See for yourself 🤝. 

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