Communication is essential in any business, so you must give it the importance it requires. And what better way to do it than with a Contact Center.   

Do you know this tool?   

You may have heard of something similar, but you are unaware of the advantages it can bring to your business, or perhaps you don’t know about it at all.   

No matter the situation, here we will explain in depth how this tool centralizes your business communications, helping you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.    

It’s time for you to get up to speed with this information, join us!   

This is the way… 🙌 

What is a Contact Center?  

Before we begin, it is important that you know the vocabulary we will be using today:   

  • Omnichannel: this term is used for the communication model many companies are currently applying. It provides a better customer service experience by contacting the customer through different channels from a single place.   
  • Lead: the “lead” is a potential buyer who has shown interest in your services but has not yet become a customer. Leads represent sales opportunities in a company.   

Usually, these technical terms sound pretty foreign to what we know. Unfortunately, this often creates a gap between these services and the benefits they can bring you.   

Although to a lesser extent, sometimes this is the case with the Contact Center. But, don’t worry! There is no reason to be afraid of this great tool.   

The Contact Center is nothing more than a service where you can centralize all communications with your customers.   

How? 🤔 Very simple…   

This tool takes care of integrating:   

  • Calls  
  • Emails  
  • Facebook Ads forms  
  • Facebook Messenger  
  • Messages (SMS)  
  • Call recordings   

All in one place.   

This integration of social networks and digital media is recorded in a single space, generating a timeline of all interactions you make with each client. 

Let’s see it better in an example:  

Imagine a typical conversation with a lead (potential customer). He has communicated via Facebook Messenger and asks you to contact him via his phone number or email at the end of the conversation.   

You have already opened three communication possibilities with the lead by that time. This situation leads to the loss of follow-up conversations, preventing the correct collection of data and the tracking of this prospect’s process.   

Why keep messy data in different media when you can have it in one place? 🤷  

The Contact Center allows you to house all your communication channels with a customer in one place.   

You won’t have to access your email to contact the lead or search for a conversation on Facebook Messenger or an SMS from two months ago to find a piece of information they provided you with.   

Thanks to the Contact Center, you will have everything in one organized timeline, serving the customer from the omnichannel.   

Incredible, isn’t it? And you know what’s even better? At Leadgogo, we have this solution. 

Contact Center Leadgogo

Benefits of Leadgogo Contact Center   

Now that you have a much clearer idea of what this tool is all about, you should know what benefits Leadgogo Contact Center brings to your business.   

Organize communication with your customers in one place   

Just like communication, organization is vital for any company. Storing important customer data dispersed in different communication channels will eventually be a significant disadvantage in front of your competition.   

Having quick access to customer information such as types of contacts or other essential data to provide good service will be a game-changing move in your negotiations. Action that will be easy to perform by having the Contact Center timeline:  

Contact Center communication in one place

On the other hand, in a single window, you can have your customer’s email, phone number, and Facebook Messenger.  

Contact Center tag contacts

And you can easily switch from one channel to another with just two clicks.  

Contact Center channels

This results in a single view of all your conversations from all channels, giving you access to a timeline of information and contacts.   

Isn’t organization what we are all looking for? Once you try this omnichannel, you’ll never be the same again. 

Save time  

A centralized communications system will help you save time in customer interactions.   

You will have easy access when communicating with them from any channels enabled in Leadgogo’s Contact Center (Calls, emails, Facebook Messenger, SMS).   

💬 If you need to send a text message, you will have the option in the omnichannel.  

Contact Center software

📞 Better a call? Make it in seconds.  

Contact Center calls

📲 Is your customer more into social media? Then, Facebook Messenger will be your best friend.  

Contact Center Facebook Messenger

📧 Don’t lose the good habit of a formal email that always shows your professionalism. (✨Coming soon✨)  

Contact Center email

And all this from one place! 

all communications in one place

Monitor your customer service  

How can an omnichannel satisfy your customers? Well, beyond the increase in better customer service you’ll be providing (we’ll talk about this later), you’ll also have access to a key tool: call recording.   

Contact Center call recording

In the Contact Center, you will have the option to record each of the calls made between you and your client or any other person who answers the call.   

So you will have written information about the interactions between you and your client, and you will also be able to monitor every call.   

This not only allows you to have a backup, but it also helps to understand better the tactics used to serve each customer and lead.   

Taking these records into account will help you improve customer service 😊 and identify possible failures 🔎 in communication.  

And, undoubtedly, it will support your business in case of any unfortunate situation. 

Contact Center

Expand your customer service  

As we have already mentioned, Leadgogo Contact Center permits you to have calls, emails, Facebook Messenger, messages (SMS), and call recordings in one place.   

But, you can also have Facebook Ads Forms in this omnichannel.  

We know how important it is to store the data of each of the social media campaigns. So, in addition to our Reports feature, you will be able to monitor the information of your potential customers from this centralized chat.   

Contact Center Facebook Ad Form

Accessing all these communication channels from a single window helps make customer interaction much more effective.   

This is because you can contact them through any of these channels, thus avoiding that:   

  • The customer waits a long time for a response  
  • You lose the different ways of reaching a customer or lead 
  • Missed messages   
  • Any type of information relevant to the negotiation gets lost 
  • You lose potential sales   

Viewing all interaction data in one place will forever change your relationship with all customers. 

Cost reduction  

Of course, we cannot leave out one of the most important benefits of a Contact Center: cost reduction. 💲  

Leadgogo’s Contact Center is a single platform, a single technology provider. Therefore, using it will reduce costs and minimize the time and effort invested by supervisors and consultants by knowing only one platform instead of several simultaneously.   

The time and money spent on training for a single platform with different services are much less than learning to use other platforms.   

In addition, you will be able to invest more time in yourself or your team learning how to get the most out of each feature of the platform by focusing only on this one.   

Not to mention that the costs will be much lower because of the reduced training time and because having a single technology provider that can meet different business needs is better than having three different providers.   

A subscription with a single technology company also expands the opportunities for price reductions on purchasing services, helping to lower your company’s technology costs.  

Why waste time and money on multiple platforms when you can have one with everything you need?   

Contact Center save money

Now, the million-dollar question (drums, please)… 

Does my company need a Contact Center?  

As you can see, the word “omnichannel” unfolds in all its meaning with the Contact Center. Having so many services in one place sounds like a dream come true, and in a way, it is, but how much does your business need this platform?   

To know this answer, it’s essential to ask yourself about your company’s recent data, for example:  

  • Do you even know if you are missing calls, interactions, or customers lately?
  • Are you or your team wasting a lot of time on diverse communication channels on different platforms?   
  • Are you spending a lot of money on training?   
  • Have your customers been dissatisfied with the service provided?   
  • Have you lost essential customer data?  
  • Do you have failures in the storage of contact information?   
  • Do you have no precise data to identify inefficiencies in your services?  

Analyzing these types of questions is fundamental to finding the correct answer. If any or all of these situations identify your company’s position, it will help you integrate a Contact Center into your work dynamics.   

However, you may not have so many negative experiences and want to join the wave of digitization and automation that many businesses are surfing. 🌊  

A smart move, if you ask us, since technology came to facilitate many of the tasks within a company. So, if you’re looking to:   

  • Centralize communications 
  • Integrate social networks and digital media  
  • Access important customer data quickly   
  • Reduce costs and time   
  • Visualize all the data in one place, allowing you to improve your strategies 

You have found the right tool because Leadgogo Contact Center will do this for you and your team. 

Contact Center improves team work


Are you ready to centralize all your communications with a Contact Center?  

Each of these benefits we have explained in detail today will give you a hand with the communication processes carried out in negotiations.  

In addition, it will give you extra advantages over your competition by achieving effective communications, better data processing, and increased customer service.  

If you are still unsure, try it for yourself by accessing the free demo of Leadgogo Contact Center.  

Contact us if you have any questions! 

Leadgogo Contact Center