Communication is essential in any business, so it must be given the importance it requires. And what better way to do it than with a Contact Center.

Do you know this tool?   

You may have heard of something similar, but you are unaware of the advantages it can bring to your business, or perhaps you don't know about it at all.   

No matter what the situation is, here we are going to explain in depth how this tool centralizes your business communications, helping you to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.    

It's time for you to get up to speed with this information, join us!   

This is the way... 🙌 

What is a Contact Center? 

Before we begin, it is important that you know the vocabulary we will be using today:   

  • Omnichannel: this term is used for the communication model that many companies are currently applying. It consists of providing a better customer service experience by being in contact with the customer through different channels from a single place.   
  • Lead: the "lead" is specifically a potential buyer. It is a person who has shown interest in your services but has not yet become a customer. Leads represent sales opportunities in a company.   

Often these technical terms sound quite foreign to what we know. This often creates a gap between these services and the benefits they can bring you.   

Although to a lesser extent, this is often the case with the Contact Center. But, don't worry! There is no reason to be afraid of this great tool.   The Contact Center is nothing more than a service where you can centralize all communications with your customers.  

How? 🤔 Very simple...

This tool takes care of integrating:   

  • Calls  
  • Emails  
  • Facebook Ads forms  
  • Facebook Messenger  
  • Messages (SMS)  
  • Call recordings   

All in one place.   

This integration of social networks and digital media is recorded in a single space, generating a timeline of all interactions you make with each client.

Let's see it better in an example:  

Imagine a typical conversation with a lead (potential customer). He has communicated via Facebook Messenger and, at the end of the conversation, asks you to contact him via his number or email.   

By that time, you have already opened three communication possibilities with the lead. This situation leads to the loss of follow-up conversations, preventing the correct collection of data and the tracking of this prospect's process.   

Why keep messy data in different media when you can have it in one place? 🤷  

The Contact Center allows you to house all the channels of communication you have with a customer in one place.   

You won't have to access your email to contact the lead or search for a conversation on Facebook Messenger or an SMS from two months ago to find a piece of information they provided you with.   

Thanks to the Contact Center, you will have everything in one organized timeline, serving the customer from the omnichannel.   

Incredible, isn't it? And you know what's even better? At Leadgogo, we have this solution.