How many sales has your business lost by not answering a call? 🤔 

Managing calls efficiently has become key to avoiding lost sales and increasing customer satisfaction. 

However, despite being an essential aspect, many companies fail to have a good answering system.  

So… How to improve this and stop losing potential customers? 😭 

The answer is simpler than you think. All you need is a Call Flow.  

“A Call what?”… Call Flow!  

No, don’t Google it ✋ here we’ll give you all the information you need to know to start getting the most out of this tool.  

Let’s get it started! 🕺

What is Call Flow? 

First, let’s review some key terms that will help you better understand each concept we present to you: 

⏩ Diagram: a tool that organizes information efficiently and with a graphical visualization.  

⏩ Lead: a person who can be a potential customer in a business.  

 IVR menu: telephone service that helps users via calls, guides them through the search for information, or attention to solving a problem.  

Ready? Let’s talk about Call Flow! 📞 

This magical tool that will help you increase sales by decreasing missed calls is quite technical but not impossible to understand.  

Call Flow is a diagram that allows you to configure the distribution of your business calls.  

This diagram takes the customer or lead (potential customer) through an information path, allowing them to acquire the data they are looking for when they call your company. 

Remember the voice that answers when you call for service?  

  • Press 1 if you want to change your plan  
  • 2 to speak to an agent  
  • 3 to return to the initial menu 

Do you know what’s behind that flow of information? A diagram of Call Flow

Let’s see it better in a graphic example: 

Increase your sales with a Call Flow

This configuration varies according to the information your business wants to provide.  

You may need to forward calls to different offices or agents or give specific information that the customer receives on the call or via text message.  

The diagram that applies to each call flow is wholly tailored to the needs of your business. 

If you have a restaurant, and your customers want to know what the menu of the day is, with a simple call, they can know every available dish, price, and even working hours without needing to answer them.  

You choose the information, and the Call Flow does the rest. 😎 

But, this is just a general idea of how a Call Flow works. The features of this tool are much more extensive, and you will find the essential ones in Leadgogo’s Call Flow

Yes, we offer this service 😁 and here are the benefits it will bring to your business. 

Leadgogo Call Flow Benefits  

Enjoy the benefits that Call Flow offers you, and don’t miss a single call by using the features of this service.  

Avoid lost sales 

Have you lost interest in purchasing because you can’t communicate correctly with the business? 

One of the main problems in companies is the loss of sales due to poor call management.  

Neither leads nor customers want to wait a long time to get information about a product or service. In addition, most potential customers quickly lose interest when communication is not immediate.  

With Leadgogo’s Call Flow, you will have access to create a call flow that allows you to immediately give your customers the information they are looking for.  

📨 Do you want to send them a text message with the information? Then, you can program it in the Call Flow. 

Improve your customer service with Call Flow

🔊 Would you prefer to be answered by an automated voice? We also have it available.  

Eliminate missed calls with Call Flow

And if you don’t want your customers to be attended by RoboCop 🤖, you can enter recordings made by a real person 💁. 

use a Call Flow to boost your company's growth

Of course, with the push of a button, your customers can talk to an agent in seconds 👦.  

Leadgogo Call Flow
  • But Mr. Leadgogo, what if my customer doesn’t find the answer in the Call Flow? 👉👈 

The best part of this service is that if the customer decides to speak to an agent or someone else and their call is not answered; it will be forwarded to another available worker.  

In the worst-case scenario, if the call cannot be answered by any agent and the question cannot be resolved with the information in the diagram, you will receive a message and an email with the customer’s information.  

You will have almost all communication channels covered to avoid losing sales opportunities.

Call Flow

Increase customer satisfaction 

This tool works as a call administrator that helps to optimize customer satisfaction.  

How? Very simple… it answers them.  

Call Flow

Nothing brings more happiness to a customer than getting information immediately, but, above all, being served efficiently and quickly

You are responsible for providing this as a company, which is why you must have the right tools to provide a reliable and uninterrupted service.  

For this, you have the diagrams within Leadgogo’s Call Flow, which can be robust, housing all the possible information that your customers or leads may need.  

In addition, adding or modifying information within the call boxes is extremely simple. Therefore, you don’t need to be an expert to do it.  

However, you can always count on our support team to help you 😉.

Call Flow

Reduce costs and time

The dream of every business: reducing costs 💲 and time ⏰.  

You’d be surprised how much technology can help lower your business expenses and minimize labor hours.  

Many businesses wonder if, instead, it wouldn’t be just another expense, but the reality is that purchasing a service like Call Flow will help you reduce repetitive tasks.  

Answering calls daily to give the same information repeatedly translates into many working hours and an increase in expenses.  

Why will you have a person giving simple information such as opening hours when Call Flow can do it quickly? 

Take advantage of the magic of automation and work hand in hand with it. 

Call Flow

Determine operational hours 

You work through Fridays, but do you get calls on Sundays? It’s 👏time👏to👏change👏this👏. 

Delineating work schedules is important, but how do you do this without affecting sales?  

Surely you already know the answer… Yes, a ✨Call Flow✨.  

This tool allows you to schedule times and days when your business is open, or your team’s agents are available.  

What does this mean? It means that if you provide services until two o’clock in the afternoon on Friday and receive a call after that time, it will be automatically forwarded to another available person.  

How? Leadgogo’s Call Flow gives you access to schedule configuration, both hours and days, so you have total control of your team’s operational times.  

So not a single call is missed, but you manage the limits of your team’s free time and yours. 🚵 

Call Flow

Helping your company grow 

We can’t leave out a key factor of our Call Flow, Call Tracking.  

Yes, reducing costs and missed calls will significantly help your company grow through increased sales, but it is also essential to identify flaws in your strategies 📉.  

It is useless to have a great technological tool if your service is flawed. For this reason, we provide you with Call Tracking.  

This feature permits you to record all the calls your business receives. No matter if it is answered by an agent or by the automatic voice, all interaction remains stored 📊.  

record your calls with a Call Flow

By having access to these recordings, you will be able to identify possible failures in your services, thus helping to create better strategies to achieve a solid Call Flow and improve customer service.  

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup of these interactions in case of an unfortunate event.  

Call Flow

It’s all part of an equation: 

No missed calls ➕ Call monitoring ⏩ Successful sales. 

It’s incredible what technology can do for your business, isn’t it? Then it’s time to ask yourself… 

Does my company need a Call Flow? 

It is normal to have these doubts when acquiring any technological tool since this means investing time and money.  

That is why you must know how to identify if your business would benefit from it correctly.  

And to find out, you should ask yourself:  

  • Is my business losing sales by not answering calls? 
  • Are my customers happy with the service provided? 
  • Is the team performing several tasks at the same time? 
  • Are repetitive tasks being performed in my company?  
  • How is the customer service strategy working?

Self-assessing your business’ successes and failures will be the only way to know if services like Call Flow are right for you.  

The truth is technology is here to give us a hand, so why not use it to our advantage?  

Call Flow

Call Flow or not Call Flow, that’s the question…🤔

If you decide to start enjoying all the benefits this tool has for your business, you can do it one step at a time with us.  

💫 Try the Leadgogo free demo! 💫 

Make sure this is the tool you need, and if you have any other questions, contact us

We’re ready to guide you on your path to innovation! 🚀 

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