Yes, we know the saying is "divide and conquer" but, in this case, Contact Center is the opposite.πŸ‘€  

This feature we will discuss today allows you to enjoy unique benefits that help your company grow. πŸ€‘ 

Do you know this tool? πŸ€” 

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Contact Center

What is a Contact Center? 

The Contact Center is an omnichannel that combines all your communication channels used to interact with your customers. 

This feature stores every conversation in a timeline, in one place πŸ“². We are talking about having SMS, calls, Facebook messenger, and Facebook ad forms in one conversation window

You will be able to manage conversations in all these channels and switch from one to another easily. 

Using it will decrease the waiting time for responses to your customers ⏰, improve the follow-up 🀝, and increase customer service 😊.  

Of course, the Contact Center service has more specific benefits that will make a difference in your company.  

⏩ Here, we explain them.  

Contact Center Benefits 

Integration of communication channels 

By having all the communication channels in one place, you will be able to maintain order in the interactions with your contacts. 

In addition, you will always be up to date with response times, whether they are leads, opportunities, or customers. ⏰ 

Currently, responding within the first 3 minutes of being contacted by a customer or lead increases the chances of making a sale by 98%.  

Why miss these sales opportunities with messy conversations? Instead, take advantage of the Contact Center and give your sales a boost! πŸš€ 

Improve customer service  

Nowadays, customer service is everything. For this reason, there are specialized customer care software programs, such as CRMs, and the Contact Center falls into this group.  

Having all interactions with contacts in a single timeline allows you access to past conversations easily. This will help you better serve customers by tracking previous interactions.πŸ“± 

In addition, as mentioned above, it will reduce response times, which is essential to customer service according to a survey conducted by Website Builder

Contact Center

Do you want your customer service to fall within these statistics? Of course not! You can constantly improve your services by using a Contact Center. πŸ’ͺ 


The advantage of having an omnichannel Contact Center is the organization it brings to your company.  

The opportunity to have SMS, call recording, Facebook messenger, and Facebook ad forms in one place will allow you to keep your communications organized. 😊 

In addition, you will have the information stored in one place. Any information exchanged with the contact will be held in the chat provided by the Contact Center.  

Oh, didn't we tell you about call recording? πŸ‘€  

Well, yes. This tool plays a crucial role in monitoring the calls made by your company's agents.  

Written interactions will be saved, and everything said in the calls will be recorded too. πŸ“ 

Do you know of a better way to record all these interactions? πŸ€” Without a doubt, the Contact Center will change the organization of your business.  

Better follow up  

Having a general record of your contacts' interactions allows you to follow up with your clients and those who are interested in making a purchase.  

This will allow you to convert more leads to opportunities and, eventually, customers. This will increase sales and increase customer loyalty. 🀝 

Remember that customers will be motivated to continue using your services and recommend your brand to others when they experience excellent service. 😊  

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your brand by not having the right tools. πŸ‘ 

The Contact Center comes to save the day. 🚴 

Cost reduction  

We know better than anyone that cost reduction is one of the most important things for companies.πŸ‘€  

Nowadays, technology has managed to bring cost reduction to many companies through automation thanks to software programs such as Call Flow, CRM, and, of course, Contact Center.  

A feature like this will allow you to reduce the number of technological tools your team must use. This means less training time and fewer working hours. πŸ™Œ 

In addition, you will be eliminating repetitive tasks, lowering your employees' responsibilities, and facilitating your company's internal processes.  

Of course, the technology investment is lower since the Contact Center covers many aspects of communication. πŸ˜‰ 

You will have everything you need in one place. πŸ“² 

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Our feature allows you to have in one place communication channels such as SMS πŸ“©, calls πŸ“ž, emails πŸ“§ (coming soon), Facebook messenger πŸ“±, and Facebook ad forms πŸ“²!  

Contact Center

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Contact Center